The 4th International Conference on English across Cultures (ICEAC)

Hosted by Faculty Languages and Arts, Universitas Pendidikan Ganesha

It is a biennial International Conference on English across Culture for researchers, practitioners, teachers, and students to share ideas and experiences on English language teaching and linguistic challenges in a cross-cultural context and to discuss some direction to embrace the challenges.


The popularity of English has inspired innovations in efforts to improve proficiencies in the language and understanding to the culture of the native speakers. Proficiencies in the language involve the teaching and learning materials and pedagogy, while culture involves the aspect of how language is used and in what situations. In fact, there is an on-going debate of the role of the culture in the learning of the language. The debate mainly scattered around whether or not the teaching of English in a non-English-speaking country should be based on the native speakers or local culture.

Ganesha University of Education (UNDIKSHA) is the leading institution that specifically trains and educates teachers and prospective teachers for all subjects and levels of schools in Bali. The university accommodates over 700 of whom are majoring in English Education in the last five years. The discourse to host an international conference has been conducted since 2011 and this year, 2018 becomes the fourth event.

It is expected that this conference becomes an innovative and exciting opportunity for individuals, researchers, lecturers, teachers, students and those who are interested in English language and pedagogy as well as culture to address the importance of the issues and its strong correlation with political and democratic development, educational system reforms and improvement of quality of human resources accross the globe. This conference will also provide unlimited resources and opportunities to interact with prominent scholars in the field and greatly expand on our existing global network.

Conference Topics

The conference will focus on, but not limited to, the following themes :

1. English in Education
Teaching English for Young Learners
Teaching English and Technology
Character Education
Special Needs Education
Assessment, Media Development, Professional Development, Material Development, and Teaching Methods
2. English for Specific Purposes.
3. Applied Linguistics.
4. Cross Cultural Understanding
5. And other relevant topics in English Education.

Keynote Speakers


Prof Jayakaran Mukundan

Universiti Putra Malaysia (Malaysia)


Dr Gumawang Jati

Institut Teknologi Bandung (Indonesia)


Claire Bradin Siskin

English Language Specialist (USA)

dan ting

Dang Tan Tin, PhD

Ho Chi Minh University of Technology and Education (Vietnam)


David Bradbury

IALF Bali (Indonesia)

Registration Fee

The following cost is applied both to national and international participants :
Early bird presenters (no later than September 3rd, 2018) : IDR 500K
Early bird special price for students (no later than September 3rd, 2018) : IDR 300K
Non-Early bird presenters : IDR 750K
Non-Early bird presenter for students : IDR 500K

Early bird participants (no later than September 3rd, 2018) : IDR 300K
Early bird participant for students (no later than September 3rd, 2018) : IDR 250K
Non-Early bird participants : IDR 400K
Non-Early bird participant for students : IDR 300K



Abstract due date: August 26th, 2018 (closed)

Abstract Acceptance: August 31th, 2018 (closed)

Full paper: September 30th, 2018 (closed)

Pre Conference Date : October 18th, 2018

Conference Date : October 19th-20th, 2018

Venue and Activities


Faculty of Languages and Arts, Universitas Pendidikan Ganesha
Jln. Ahmad Yani No.67, Singaraja-Bali

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+62361 21541 (office)
+62 857 37677237 (IGA Lokita Purnamika Utami)


October 19-20, 2018

FBS Undiksha

Jln Ahmad Yani, No.67 Singaraja-Bali