Second ICEAC 2013

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The 2nd ICEAC was held at Languages and Arts Faculty, Ganesha University of Education on 31 July – 1 August 2013.

Conference Themes The major themes of the conference are on English language and culture. The conference will focus on, but not limited to the following topics of discussion:

  • The Science of English Language (Comparative Studies, Discourse Analysis, Phonology, Sociolinguistics and Pragmatics)
  • English Teacher Education
  • Research and Development in English and English Education
  • Globalization and English Education Across Cultures
  • Educational Measurement and Evaluation in English Education
  • IT/Media for English Education
  • Teaching English for Young Learners
  • Curriculum and Teaching Learning Innovation
  • Multiculturalism/Cultural Diversity

Plenary Speakers

The committee proudly presents speakers who are international class scholars. They are:

  1. Joe Foley (Assumption University, Thailand)
  2. Lyn Parker (University of Western Australia, Australia)
  3. Dr Itje Cothijah (British Council, Indonesia)